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  • Medical Mavericks

    9th July 2018
    Last week CMA were lucky to receive a visit from Medical Mavericks who brought an awesome mobile hospital into the classroom. The workshop was lead by two student doctors and pupils from Year 9 & 10 discussed job...More
  • Trip to Leeds University

    15th June 2018
    A big thank you to Caroline from Year 9 who was keen to share her account of the recent trip to Leeds University. Hope you enjoy reading it. On Thursday we went on a trip with Miss Morris, Miss Pereira and GM Higher...More
  • Turning Tides – First in the Fight – Girls perform at Victoria Baths

    12th June 2018
    The collaborative Humanities project with Enjoy Arts came to fruition last week and culminated in a sterling performance at Victoria Baths during half term. Since January students have been pooling their knowledge, skills...More
  • GCSE Summer 2018 Timetable

    4th June 2018
    Below is a link to all times for the GCSE examinations for the summer 2018 period. Please open the document as we've included a link as to how your child can boost their grades. Exam timetable & useful revision...More
  • Debate Mate

    29th May 2018
    Last week two of our students were invited by Debate Mate to take part in a show debate at Equilibrium, a wealth management company in Alderley Park. Mollie and Tafara were selected to represent the Academy and the Debate...More
  • Meet the new Student Leadership Team 18/19

    14th May 2018
    With the current Year 11 students studying hard for their GCSE exams it’s time to put in place our brand new Student Leadership Team 18. The process, led by Mrs Watson & Mr Mellen involved students submitting letters...More
  • Y11 Study Weekend – Ghyll Head

    14th May 2018
    Dr Boyd, Miss Ford, Miss Reid & Mr Mellen delivered a series of English revision activities during the residential to Ghyll Head.  This was to support our Year 11 students for preparing for their Literature exams on...More
  • Freedom Writers

    8th May 2018
    If you’re into films then the best place to be every Wednesday Is Miss Morris’ room, every month she introduces a new ‘Film of the Month’ to students who want something a bit different to your run of the mill ‘chic...More
  • Natasha Jonas visits Cedar Mount

    1st May 2018
          Last Thursday Diane Modahl, Bex and Amy were on site to shoot a promotional video with UK Fast starring Cedar Mount pupils, Diane is a great believer that every young person whatever their...More