TeenTech day
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5th February 2015 | Cedar Mount academy

On Wednesday 10 December 10 students; Emmanuel, Ryan, Tia, Jade, Crystal, Craig, Aliza, Rowan, Subayda and Robyn attended TeenTech at Manchester University. This annual event gave students the chance to get up close and personal with leading people in science and engineering industry.

Students first visited the inspiration zone where they looked at IBM and the technology used to design streamline structures.

In the innovation zone students designed a computer game, they had to come up with a story, artwork and basic design ideas. Emmanuel came up with the idea ‘dimension walker’ which involved a character trying to save their world by crossing into different dimensions.

Finally in the challenge zone the students were shown how their minecraft skills could be used to build virtual buildings such as the new Manchester City training complex.

Everyone had a really exciting time which gave them a glimpse of what careers are possible with good qualifications.