Consequence System

Cedar Mount Academy operates a strict Behaviour Consequence System throughout all years. Below is the Consequence System which shows the appropriate action for a student if he/she doesn’t comply with school rules.


If students are not behaving in an appropriate manner the following sanctions will apply:

  • C1 – Warning
  • C2 – Final Warning/Restorative Conversation at a time chosen by the member of staff
  • C3 – Removal from lesson to faculty time out – 45 minutes detention the next day

If a student fails or refuses faculty time out it will result in a 1.30 hours detention the following day.

Failure to complete a 45 minute detention will lead to 1.30 hours the following evening. Failure again will result in a day’s isolation in the IEU.

General poor behaviour around the Academy may also lead to detention.

Failure to complete sufficient work in class or hand in homework will result in a 30 minute after school detention with a member of staff so the work can be completed.

Serious (C4) incidents will lead to time in isolation (IEU) or possibly fixed term exclusion.

If a student is excluded from the Academy for any length of time – they will not be permitted to attend any lessons until a parent/carer has attended a re-admission meeting.