NCS- Summer 2015
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8th May 2015

Following a presentation in assembly at the beginning of February 35 Y11 students signed up to participate on the NCS programme this summer! NCS gives young people the chance to take on new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people which helps discover their own talents and realise their potential whilst having fun.
Cedar Mount is currently one of the best schools across Manchester with regards to student participation therefore on Wednesday NCS visited the students and surprised them with free NCS T-shirts as a small gift
Part 1 of the programme gets young people active by staying at an outdoors centre and taking part in fantastic activities like abseiling, kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing and more.
Part 2 of the programme gets students involved in a University-style experience – learning new skills and meeting new people from the local community.
Part 3 of the programme is their chance to really make their mark! Students meet a charity or community organisation and in their teams come up with their own idea or project to make a difference to their organisation. They have the chance to pitch to some real life “dragons” to secure funding and get feedback on their idea.
“We are really pleased that so many of your students decided to take part in the programme, and we are confident that they will have a great summer and benefit greatly from it.”