Olympic Team GB Parade
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21st October 2016

Monday the 17th is a day that will be etched in our minds forever, yes we got wet but nothing could dampen our spirits, how could it when we were part of the biggest party in town – TEAM GB HEROES’ PARADE.

The day began with the BBC arriving to film final preparations of our parade piece, it was so exciting! For a moment we felt like mini celebrities as we were asked questions from the reporters, ‘Whose your favourite athlete? ‘What was your favourite moment during the Olympic Games?’

Suited and booted we boarded the coach and set off in our Team GB outfits and headed to the Museum of Science & Industry where we gathered alongside Olympians and Paralympians and met with our partner in crime – a HUGE British Lion carrying a flaming torch.

The heavens opens, the countdown began, 1,2,3 we were off! Crowds crammed the street huddled under umbrellas, everyone was smiling in fact they were beaming it was unbelievable how many people turned out to welcome our heroes home.

Three & four deep every vantage point was crammed, people were watching from office blocks and  rooftops, we even waved at the builders on the scaffolding outside Sainsburys before eventually arriving at Albert Square.

Later that evening after the excitement of the day and STILL WET we arrived back to school giddy elated and tired we’d had one of the best school days of our lives

A huge thanks to Emma & Judy from Stanley Grove who worked day and night to get things perfect and  Walk the Plank productions for their patience during rehearsals.

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