Welcome from the Principal

Kal Hodgeson - compressed

I am very proud to welcome you to Cedar Mount Academy and pleased to introduce you to this excellent school. At Cedar Mount Academy we believe that all students should learn to be the best version of themselves so they leave school after five years as happy, caring and knowledgeable young people ready to compete in a global market. This is a school designed to support and develop its local community driven by our three values of hard work, aspiration and respect. Our firm belief in these three values ensures our commitment to high quality education for everyone who passes through our doors.

High quality education is the entitlement to powerful knowledge that enables students to learn from the breadth of history. A student at Cedar Mount Academy will be made to think, to question and experience new ideas and skills and get to ‘know the best which has been thought and said in the world’. At Cedar Mount Academy we ensure students have access to a wide range of educational opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular, that prepare them for their future and open up their prospects for further development. We believe in challenge with compassion: every student will be given the opportunity to achieve academic success in an environment that places students’ wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. We are an ambitious school and aim to be seen as the best school in Manchester.

Cedar Mount Academy is very proud to be part of  Bright Futures Educational Trust. As a member of the Trust we access a wide range of opportunities for staff and students and we are fortunate to work with schools across the Bright Futures network. The value of this network is such that it gives students opportunities to achieve their potential and thrive.

We welcome people from all backgrounds to our rich and diverse community; a community of which we are extremely proud. We believe that every member of our community deserves the utmost respect and we will endeavour to ensure our school environment achieves the best for everyone and the best from everyone.

We welcome visitors to the school so that this happy and dynamic community can be seen as it is. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to visit

Mr Kal Hodgson