Reggie Dabbs Visit
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5th October 2016

On Tuesday 4th October, Y7 & Y8 pupils were treated to a visit by Reggie Dabbs, a motivational speaker from America, within 10 seconds Reggie grabbed the attention  of every pupil by opening with a loud ‘ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT….!

Hilarious, comical, serious, passionate, Reggie had the pupils in fits of laughter one minute and reflecting in silence the next. ‘Some days you’re on top of the hill, some days you’re at the bottom, but never get off the ride of life, the phrase of the day is never give up’. Picking up his saxophone he played one of the most beautiful inspirational songs ‘Let it Go’, there wasn’t a single pupil or member of staff that didn’t sing at the top of their voice whilst shedding a tear .

Reggie went on to tell the story of his mother’s death and how he found out his parents were not his biological parents, he didn’t want to forget his mums death and told students about influential people who had affected his life….the story could have been so different after all he wished he was dead at 8, ironically a teacher changed his life whilst he was attending college and the rest they say is history. He finished with a performance of Lifeline by Justin Beiber. A big thank you to Miss Morris for organising the visit and a special thanks to Reggie for inspiring us all to be better people.

Miss Hollywood