Scotland Trip
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7th November 2018

On Friday morning at 6:00 am the theatre was full of enthusiastic Year 10 & 11 students ready to head off to Loch Eli in the Highlands.

We arrived at 3:00 pm where we were divided into ‘clans’ of 12 with our course leaders before heading off for an afternoon of activities – late afternoon and after a well deserved break everyone tucked into a hot dinner before setting off on an outdoor excursion and completing work in groups. Students worked in teams with their peers as opposed to friendship groups to pe4fect the art of working together and fulfil the challenges they were set. Everyone braved the cold and took part in kayaking, night dips in the loch. Later that evening pupils braved the cold and took part in kayaking, night dips in the loch, raft building and orienteering.

An early rise on Saturday saw everyone up for breakfast at 7:00 am before another action packed day of rock climbing and trapeze in the woods.  The camaraderie and support was amazing to see as they faced their fears and worked together double checking each others safety equipment – great examples of team work were on display! Later that evening during some down time students could be found jumping in the loch while others chilled out round a camp fire they built  in the cold and rain.

Sunday was a day of reflection as they reviewed their time together and awarded each other with certificates and explain why they deserved their awards. Sorry there are no pictures of Mr Heyes freezing in an ice cold loch or Mrs Platt on the zip wire….still there’s next year!

Miss Watson