Teen Tech
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3rd December 2018

On Wednesday 28th November 10 students; Stephen, Hamza, Zerin, Saad, Umair, Hamdi, Mariam, Faiza, Zohain and Zakaria attended TeenTech at Manchester University. This annual event gives students the chance to get up close and personal with leading people in science and engineering industry. The aim of the event is to banish stereotypes of scientists whilst finding out about all the different careers that exist in STEM. Students first visited the challenge zone where they were faced with the task of constructing a dome from metal poles and bolts whilst advised by two engineers. They then moved on to their next challenge where they had to plan the route for gas pipes in a town whilst avoiding conservation areas and residential zones. In the innovation zone students designed a water treatment system. They had to plan the components of their invention whilst deciding how to market it. After their presentation to the other schools at the event they were awarded with a certificate for the ‘best design’ featured during the day. Finally students had an opportunity to talk to young people who currently work in STEM industries. They were shown the work that these people do as well as having a go at some designs they had worked on. Some of the boys particularly enjoyed being able to make music using just electricity and a potato! Everyone had a really exciting time which gave them a glimpse of what careers are possible.