The magic of Mind Mapping
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17th September 2018

Year 11 is always a tough year academically but the current class of 2019 got off to a flying start this week and by the looks of it are determined to exceed the excellent results achieved  by last years leavers. This week, with the help of Joe from ‘Made Training’  they learned the art of mind mapping in a session designed to revise effectively.

At the start of the workshop Joe set Year 11 a challenge to remember 25 facts about Grigori Rasputin from a block of text, a difficult task given the fact they had about 10 minutes. Working in pairs, he coached them on tried and tested methods and asked them to pick out key pieces of information to create a Mind Map. Students were stunned when they were able to remember the information and realised the impact mind mapping had on getting them exam ready for next summer.

A huge thanks to Joe from Made Education, he was engaging and entertaining and turned the art of revision into a fun afternoon.